Hi, I'm Bea :)

Creative designer that is driven by passion and the love for my craft. Five years experience in advertising and retail marketing, where I have grown in technical knowledge but more importantly, gained insight into how people think and act influenced by the different channels of communication. I personally see design as a craft that should not only look good, but serve a genuine purpose – a practice and tool that influences how people respond. I believe that with human-insight, design can be used to create significant impact into people's lives.


Apart from learning in my full time role as a Graphic designer, I am also currently on the third month of my UX Design in Professional Diploma (online 6 month course) through the UX Design Institute in Dublin, credit rated by Glasgow Caledonian University.

Having had exposure to user centered design through agile ways of working the last year, it has sparked motivation in me to widen my skill set and learn the process of UX design.

Being truly passionate about wanting to create design that are impactful to the end user and viewer, understanding the fundamentals of user centered research and design process is crucial. This course would enable me to broaden my knowledge of this area of design, that is continuously growing rapidly because of technological advancement. 

It has been a lot of learning the past two and a half months, less time on leisurely freedom, but, without any hesitation, can say that I love this course, as challenging as it is! I also appreciate the feeling of being a student once more! I believe that learning never stops, and that is what makes great adaptable designers. :)


I am a doer – I have strong determination that whatever I put my mind and soul into, I can create and learn. This involves dedication, lack of sleep (learning balance!), self awareness, and the ability to accept failure. I make mistakes and learn from them, teaching me to not be afraid to push boundaries in order to deliver the best solution. 


Brand identity, user-centered design, creative problem solving and concept generation are areas that I want to grow in as a designer and person because of the values I believe in – purpose, curiosity and empathy. I am systematic and methodical because of my production background, but find that projects that serve a purpose is what lights up my fire for design.  


Naturally curious and empathetic, I have a deep need to understand situations and people in order to create successful work. My passion for design is fuelled by the need to help people and solve problems. To be able to use my skills to create an impact and change in people's lives is what I aim to do – deliver user-centered and purpose driven design.  

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